In the glorious history of the Soviet watch manufacturing there is a special chapter – the diving watch, which today, due to its functionality and hard laconic appearance, is already a legend, beloved by many.
In the “Stingray” collection the best of the dive watch heritage is embodied. As time does not stand still, the model has undergone a new evolution in line with innovative trends of the time requiring more comfort, an individual stylish design and improved ergonomic properties from watches.


Marine chronometer 6MX is a precision measuring instrument. It intends for keeping and indication of exact time in hours, minutes and seconds on sea ships. The marine chronometer is regulated by solar average or by starlit time.

Deck watch is the precision watch of pocket watch type with free escape wheel motion. They are designed and constructed for use on the ship deck. This type of watch has three hands: hour, minute and central second hand of continuous action, bimetallic balance with frequency 0,4 sec. and steel hair with curve end.
Deck watches are placed in the stylish packaging “special wooden case”  with hinged cover


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